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Add Course   Quantity Price
Aboriginal Awareness More Info $34.95
AED/CPR Awareness Course More Info $39.95
Aerial Platform More Info $99.95
Agricultural Machinery Safeguarding More Info $39.95
Air Emissions Management More Info $69.95
Alcohol & Drug Testing: What Drivers Need To Know More Info $49.95
Alcohol and Drug Awareness More Info $39.95
Asbestos Awareness More Info $49.95
Asbestos Hazard Awareness More Info $69.95
Back Safety More Info $49.95
Backing Safety Fundamentals More Info $44.95
Backing Safety Fundamentals DVD More Info $249.95
Backing: Tractor-Trailers More Info $49.95
Bear Awareness More Info $39.95
Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) More Info $79.95
Bloodborne Pathogens More Info $69.95
Bucket Rescues More Info $69.95
Canadian Welding Red Seal Self-Assessment More Info $49.95
Cargo Securement Flatbeds More Info $34.95
Cargo Securement for Dry Vans More Info $34.95
Caught-In or -Between Hazards in Construction More Info $49.95
Change Management More Info $49.95
Chemical Safety More Info $69.95
Chlorine Safety More Info $69.95
Cold Stress Training More Info $69.95
Compressed Gas Cylinders More Info $49.95
Confined Space Awareness for Entrants & Monitors More Info $69.95
Customer Service More Info $227.00
Daily Pre-Trip Inspection More Info $89.95
Dealing with Difficult Conversations More Info $49.95
Defensive Driving Attitudes More Info $69.95
Defensive Driving Fundamentals More Info $69.95
Defensive Driving Fundamentals and Attitudes More Info $134.95
Defensive Driving: 3 Demerit Reduction Program (PEI) More Info $99.95
Discrimination-Free Workplace More Info $69.95
Distracted Driving More Info $49.95
Diversity and Discrimination for Supervisors More Info $49.95
Drone Safety Awareness More Info $44.95
Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace More Info $69.95
Effective Communication for Employees More Info $49.95
Effective Communication for Supervisors More Info $49.95
Electrical Safety Training Program More Info $149.95
Electrical Safety Training System Non-Electrical Workers - 2015 Standard More Info $44.95
Electrocution for Construction: Focus Four Hazards More Info $49.95
Emergency Procedures More Info $69.95
Environmental Management More Info $69.95
Ethics More Info $69.95
Ethics and Code of Conduct More Info $49.95
Excavation Safety More Info $49.95
Excavation, Trenching, and Shoring Safety More Info $69.95
Exceptional Customer Service More Info $49.95
Eye Safety More Info $49.95
Fire Extinguisher Use More Info $49.95
Fire Safety Awareness More Info $69.95
Firefighting & Fire Extinguisher Safety More Info $79.95
Flammable Liquid Safety More Info $69.95
Fluid Injection Awareness More Info $69.95
Forklift Fundamentals More Info $69.95
Forklift Operator Safety More Info $79.95
Forklift Operator Safety Training for Construction More Info $49.95
Forklift Training (Counterbalanced) More Info $99.95
Formaldehyde Safety More Info $69.95
Four Wheel Drive Fundamentals DVD More Info $249.95
Four-Wheel Drive Fundamentals More Info $69.95
Gas Detection More Info $99.95
Goal Setting More Info Free
Ground Disturbance 201 More Info $94.95
H2S More Info $99.95
Hand & Power Tools for Construction More Info $49.95
Hand Safety More Info $69.95
Harassment Prevention More Info $39.95
Hazard Assessment Training More Info $49.95
Hazard Communication Awareness More Info $69.95
Hazard Identification, Assessment, and Control More Info $44.95
Hazardous Waste Management More Info $69.95
Hazmat: General Awareness More Info $49.95
Head, Eye, & Face Protection: PPE Employee Essentials More Info $49.95
Hearing Conservation Online More Info $69.95
Heat Stress More Info $49.95
Hot Work with Arc Welding More Info $69.95
Hydraulic Safety in Construction More Info $99.95
Hydraulic Safety: Exposure Level More Info $99.95
Hydraulic Safety: High Risk Maintenance Level More Info $149.95
Hydrogen Sulfide for General Industry More Info $49.95
Hydrogen Sulfide for Oil & Gas More Info $49.95
Indoor Air Quality More Info $49.95
Industrial Ergonomics More Info $49.95
Industrial Safety Orientation More Info $65.95
Injury Prevention for CMV Drivers More Info $49.95
It's All About Attitude! General Duty Vehicle More Info $349.95
It's All About Attitude! School Buses DVD More Info $349.95
Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC) More Info $79.95
Ladder Safety Awareness More Info $69.95
Lead Awareness More Info $69.95
Leadership for Safety More Info $79.95
Leadership Fundamentals More Info $49.95
Lockout Tagout in the Workplace More Info $49.95
Machine Guard Safety More Info $49.95
Machine Guarding More Info $69.95
Managing Safety Self-Awareness More Info $49.95
Material Handling, Storage, Use, & Disposal for Construction More Info $49.95
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) More Info $59.95
Office Ergonomics More Info $69.95
OH&S and the Law for Supervisors More Info $99.95
Overhead Cranes More Info $199.95
Personal Protective Equipment: Safe at Work More Info $49.95
Propane Handling & Exchange More Info $43.95
Provincial Hours of Service (Alberta) More Info $99.95
Respiratory Protection More Info $49.95
Respiratory Protection: Breathing Safely More Info $49.95
Rigging and Slinging (Advanced) More Info $199.95
Safety Knowledge Evaluation (SKE) More Info Free
Scaffolds for Construction More Info $49.95
Seasonal Agricultural Workers Health and Safety Orientation More Info $39.95
Sexual Harassment for Supervisors 2017 More Info $34.95
Slips, Trips and Falls More Info $69.95
Speed & Space Management More Info $49.95
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plans More Info $69.95
Stairways and Ladders for Construction More Info $49.95
Substance Abuse Awareness for Employees More Info $49.95
Substance Abuse Awareness for Supervisors More Info $49.95
Supervisor Skills More Info $49.95
Suspended Scaffolding Safety More Info $49.95
TDG Regulations Binder More Info $145.99
TDG Self Study Guide More Info $31.99
The Respectful Workplace More Info $49.95
Time Management More Info $19.95
Traffic Control Persons for Construction More Info $59.95
Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) More Info $34.95
Verbal Judo - Essential Conflict Management More Info $59.95
Wastewater and Stormwater Management More Info $69.95
WHMIS + WHMIS 2015 More Info $29.95
Wilderness & Bear Awareness More Info $69.95
Winter Driving Fundamentals More Info $44.95
Winter Driving Fundamentals DVD More Info $249.95
Working Alone Awareness Training More Info $49.95
Working in Confined Spaces on the Farm More Info $39.95
Workplace Stress More Info $49.95
Workplace Violence Prevention More Info $39.95
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